Like all of you I find incredible joy and satisfaction from reefkeeping.  As a biochemist, I became fascinated with the chemistry, engineering & biology required to maintain a vibrant captive reef.  Along the way I started growing phytoplankton.  I set up banks of fluorescent lights & grew phytoplankton in soda bottles & other containers.  I had cluttered shelves with lights & air tubes and despite my best efforts I kept experiencing frustrating culture crashes & was spending hours cleaning & disinfecting culture bottles.  I started looking for better way.  The PhytoTank system is the solution I came up with. 

My design goals were to; eliminate space consuming & energy hungry banks of lights; save time maintaining & starting new cultures; have a single system for culturing & dosing; save money; & take up less space.  Every element of the design was evaluated using the scientific method & since I put the PhytoTank system in use I haven’t experienced a single culture crash & consistently grow dense phytoplankton to feed my reef tank.