PhytoTank is a hassle-free system for culturing phytoplankton:

Save Money:  Commercial phytopankton sells for about $15 for 16 ounces.  A single PhytoTank-L culture produces over $100 worth of live phytoplankton!

  • A built in LED lighting system provides uniform lighting for optimum growth and obviates the need for banks of fluorescent lights.

  • A central rubbed bumper over the lighting system provides an easy surface to grip the reactor.

  • A disposable culture bag is placed inside the reactor.

    • After the culture is harvested the bag is disposed of and so there is no need to spend a lot of time cleaning and disinfecting the reactor between cultures.

  • There is a rugged, rubber cap that can be disinfected with rubbing alcohol.  The cap comes in two formats:

    • Culture Cap-has a vent port and a single quick-connect bulkhead for an aeration tube.

    • Dosing Cap-has a second quick-connect bulkhead for a tube that can be used to pump phytoplankton into your aquarium for feeding coral and other invertebrates.

  • Get started with a PhytoTank Kit.

  • Add one or more PhytoTank Reactors to expand your system

  • Multiple PhytoTanks allow you to have phytoplankton cultures growing & dosing simultaneously.