• PhytoTank Macroalgae Reactor


    Eliminate phosphate and nitrate from you reef tank using the PhytoTank (patent pending) macroalgae reactor.   Growing chaeto macroalgae in a PhytoTank is a natural and effective way to remove phosphate and nitrate.  Set up the PhytoTank Chaeto reactor by installing a small pump in your sump (do not exceed 250 g/hr) that will pump water from your system, through the reactor and then back into your sump.  The hose barbs fit tubing with a 1/2 inch inside diameter.  When chaeto fills the volume of the PhytoTank remove 75% of it to export the nitrate and phosphate consumed by the macroalgae.

    *DO NOT SUBMERGE THE PHYTOTANK!  The electronics are not waterproof!

    PhytoTank-L dimensions:  12 inches tall, 6 inches in diameter, 2lb 16 ounces when empty, working volume 3.5 Liters (118 ounces)

    The PhytoTank LED system is NOT WATERPROOF.  Do not submerge your PhytoTank.  Proper use of the disposable culture bags will prevent contamination.  If cleaning is needed wipe the PhytoTank with a damp cloth.  As with all electrical aquarium equipment keep the power supply and power cords away from water.  Create a drip loop with your power cord to prevent water from contacting the electronics.


    This kit includes:
    •	3.5 Liter PhytoTank reactor
    •	LED power supply
    •	Two, 1/2 inch hose clamps
    •	Photobioreactor cap with 1/2 inch hose barbs
    •	Instruction manual