• Poseidon Reef Filters-4 Inch Starter Set

    $32.50 $29.25

    No more bulky filter socks to bang around in your washing machine and less plastic in the environment!  Poseidon Reef Filters feature a 4 inch, 16 inch long, reusable, polyester filter sock with a 50 micron pore size and a reusable plastic Filter Ring.  The filter sock can be cut to length and then fitted to the Filter Ring.  The assembly will fit in most 4 inch filter sock holders.  When the filter is saturated, simply remove it from the Filter Ring and replace it with a clean filter.  Soak saturated filters overnight in dilute household bleach and then run them through the washing machine.

    The Starter Set includes 5 Poseidon Reef Filters and one Filter Ring.