• Poseidon Reef Systems Single CO2 Scrubber

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    Increase the pH of your reef tank to improve coral growth with the PRS CO2 scrubber.  CO2-absorbent, media, housed in the scrubber, removes CO2 from the air supply for your protein skimmer.  The resulting CO2-scrubbed air passes through your skimmer and increases the pH of your reef tank.  CO2 absorbent media consists of soda lime and typically contains a dye that turns color when the media is saturated with CO2.  At that point, the media no longer absorbs CO2 and must be replaced with fresh media.

    We’ve reinvented the CO2 scrubber to solve the two main disadvantages-ease of use and cost.

    Our innovative design is easy to use and will work with any CO2 absorbing media.  Use PRS Premium Color Indicating CO2 Media, which will turn purple as it becomes exhausted, letting you know it is time to replace it with fresh CO2 absorbing media.  However, with our SpyGlass technology, you can use our Economy Non-color Indicating CO2 Absorbing Media to save money.  Fill the main scrubber chamber with 2 Kg of Economy Non-color Indicating media and use a small amount of Premium Color Changing media in the SpyGlass.  Air passes through the main chamber and then exits the scrubber through the SpyGlass.  When the media in the SpyGlass turns purple, you know it is time to change the media in the main scrubber chamber.  

    How long the media lasts will depend on the size of your skimmer, CO2 levels in the air as well as temperature and humidity.  We run a Vertex Alpha 200 skimmer on a 300-gallon system and 2 kg of Economy PRS CO2 Absorbent Media lasts 3-5 days.


    ·       1 PRS CO2 Scrubber

    ·       2 Kgs Economy PRS CO2 Absorbent Media

    ·       400 mg Premium PRS CO2 Absorbent Media (color indicating)

    ·       5 ft ½” O.D. 3/8” I.D. tubing