• Starter Culture Guarantee Fulfilment

    Free Shipping!

    You must have purchased a PhytoTank-CL or PhytoTank-L system directly from www.poseidonreefsystems.com to take advantage of this offer. 

    If your cultures crashes we will ship you replacements in an insulated shipper and only charge $22.50 for shipping and handling.  Simply select the starter cultures you need from the drop down menus and then add it to your cart (when you view your cart always leave the quantity as 1 ).  We will verify your eligibility and then ship your new starter cultures.  If you order nano, we will include two pouches.  If you order nano and pods you will receive two pouches of nano and one pouch of pods. If you order only pods you will receive one pouch of pods. 

    Please note that starter cultures ship on Mondays & Wednesdays due to the timing of our cultures.  This item is only available in the US.

    Important information about shipping:  If you select the starter culture guarantee and then place additional items in your cart, the website will not count the $22.50 starter culture fee towards the $49 threshold for free shipping.  Consequently, your order will need to total at least $71.50 to get free shipping.  We are working on a solution, but in the meantime we apologize for this inconvenience.